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Can One Week of CBD Use Prevent Addiction Relapse? One Study Finds Out and Shares the Data

By on January 17th, 2019 in Company Info

Most people don’t know that CBD may be effective for combatting alcohol and drug addiction, adding to the list of many potential positive effects for the non-psychoactive cannabis compound. This THC-free cannaboid interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and lowers the dependency, anxiety, and impulsivity of typical withdrawals. 1

“In a recent case study, researchers ran a series of tests to determine the “anti-relapse” potential of transdermal CBD. In the study, researchers administered transdermal CBD to animal subjects who had a history of self-administering cocaine or alcohol and exhibited characteristics of a relapsing addict such as dependency, anxiety, and impulsivity. After administering CBD once every 24 hours for just seven days, the researchers made a profound discovery.”2

The test results concluded that 7-days of CBD usage positively effected the addicts by helping to eliminate some of the typical characteristics of withdrawals.

Based on their test results, the researchers concluded that the brief 7-day period of CBD treatment not only showed promise for preventing the development of previously displayed “addict-like” characteristics, it deterred the subjects from relapsing for 5 months — even though the CBD cleared from the brain and body after 3 days.

So not only is CBD showing promise for preventing relapses in drug and alcohol addicts,  the potential positive benefits it provides appear to be long-lasting, which is crucial when fighting substance addiction overall.3

Most research until now has been into the use of CBD for heroin addiction with both pre-clinical research and some small pilot studies showing promising results. While CBD doesn’t change the effect of the initial administration of the drug (unlike THC, which can make the effect of heroin stronger), scientists have observed a lessening of what are known as ‘cue-induced cravings’, a type of craving brought on by a stimulus, such as when smokers associate finishing a meal with lighting up a cigarette. In a double-blind, placebo study heroin addicts were administered a single dose of CBD over 3 consecutive days.4 Their propensity for craving was then tested by exposing them to opioid-related and neutral video stimuli at 1 hour, 24 hours and 7 days after the CBD was given. Compared to the placebo, the subjects taking CBD found their cravings were lessened, an effect that lasted for 7 days after treatment.5

Research has found that therapeutic properties of CBD is a potential intervention for addictive disorder. Research classifies addictive behaviors into three categories. In this study, each phase is studied with the effects of CBD treatments.


Researchers at the University of Montreal published a meta-analysis of 14 addiction studies that examined the effects of CBD on different addictive behaviors in animals and humans. 6 Researchers found that CBD reduced the positive “rewarding effects” during the intoxication phase of opioid addiction in animals.


In a case report published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics 7 researchers found that ten consecutive days of CBD oil for cannabis withdrawal resulted in “the absence of significant withdrawal, anxiety and dissociative symptoms during the study.” Additional research focusing on CBD for opioid addiction and withdrawal found a “harmonious and even supportive use of cannabinoids in conjunction with opioids.” 8


CBD is proving to be particularly effective during the relapse phase. A study out of the University of Montreal found that CBD decreased “cue-induced, drug-seeking behaviors,” during the relapse phase, concluding that CBD was effective in managing opioid relapse in that isolated study.9

Another preclinical study reported in Science Daily found that CBD effectively reduced relapse provoked by anxiety, stress, and drug cues in drug-induced rats. Rats that had been treated with CBD showed reduced anxiety and improved impulsivity, and these relapse-prevention behaviors persisted five months later. The authors found strong evidence supporting the “potential of CBD in relapse prevention along two dimensions: beneficial actions across several vulnerability states and long-lasting effects with only brief treatment.” 10

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Can One Week of CBD Use Prevent Addiction Relapse? One Study Finds Out and Shares the Data

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