What Is DNA Nutrigenomics?


Our Sister Company, Safe Harbour BioLabs’ DNA Nutrigenomics Testing: Genetic Wellness Tests to Optimize Wellness, Lose Weight & Get Fit.

Based an Individuals Unique Genetic Code!


These powerful tests target up to 120 unique SNP mutations, unlocking the hidden clues within an individual’s genetic code. The information within these tests provide a blueprint to optimizing wellness and losing weight. 

While a nutritious diet and regular exercise routine are enough for some to stay healthy and trim, it may not be enough for others who are seeking optimal health in general. It is for this reason, that we seek to help unlock the power of DNA, as the secrets hidden within an individual’s genes pave the way wellness optimization.

What is Nutrigenomics Testing?

Safe Harbour BioLabs is pleased to offer the most comprehensive Nutrigenomics tests available to validate specific nutritional supplement needs. Nutrigenomics, is the scientific study of individualized genetics and nutrition. Nutrigenomics testing accurately identifies each individual’s genetic protein variations to identify sites of metabolic weakness.

These key proteins are involved in enzyme conversion, nutritional delivery and signaling pathways in the cell. Our experts have designed many different genetic panels that evaluate many of the most common, research backed single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can affect a person’s ability to regain and maintain their metabolic functionality.

Abnormalities in specific polymorphisms can negatively affect many physiological and metabolic processes. Overcoming these metabolic weaknesses with the right supplementation allows each individual to overcome their genetic weaknesses (SNPs) and maintain optimal health.

Each Nutrigenomics Panel provides:

  • Evaluation of physician selected genes for SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) the key areas necessary for optimal health.
  • Clinical definitions by our experts on what each SNP means to you and your health.
  • Recommended nutrients, lifestyle suggestions and possible lab work needed to overcome your genetic weaknesses (SNPs).
  • Nutritional product recommendations created by our experts for these particular genetic SNPs.

Benefits of Nutrigenomics Testing

  • May help an individual to avoid investing in costly products that will have no benefit based on individual DNA. This will save valuable dollars wasted on unnecessary products.
  • May help individuals to gain peace of mind by easing their concerns regarding potential side effects from your nutritional supplements, medicine or foods.
  • May help to resolve undiagnosed health issues that no one has been able to figure out, as the results provided is a once in a lifetime test that you can share with your primary care physician.
  • May help an individual to understand their potential to pass poor health traits to their children.

Important Facts You Should Know

  • Genetic variants are more common than we realize.
  • More than 75% of all people have significant genetic variations (SNPs) in the most important nutritional metabolism pathways.
  • Millions of people expend their valuable income on nutritional supplements without knowledge or scientific proof of nutritional need or benefit.
  • Without genetic validation of enzyme function, many supplements are not effectively delivered at the cellular level, therefore, individuals can be wasting time and money with nutritional ingredients that have little to no benefit.

Your Patient’s will learn to optimize their health…the EASY way.


  • How to identify which foods are DESTRUCTIVE 
  • Diet Recommendations based on their DNA. Learn which foods to avoid that may cause inflammation, how their body metabolizes the three key nutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as their body’s current methylation ability
  • Which foods cause Inflammation and should be AVOIDED for optimal health
  • Lifestyle and Exercise Recommendations based upon their unique genetic makeup
  • And so much more!

These innovate DNA Tests could
 absolutely change your patient’s lives.

This will be the time when your patients can stop believing that becoming healthy is HARD and started working SMARTER towards optimal wellness.

We offer 17 different Nutrigenomics Tests for your patient’s health optimization. Our Diet and Wellness Test, shown below as an example, is just one test we offer that provides answers for those that wish to:

Who needs this panel? Patients who:

Who needs this panel? Patients who:


Want total control over their wellness pursuits and prefer a customized approach.


I have made dietary improvements and are not seeing results.


Want to target their supplementation using their DNA results.


Desire weight management.


Have cholesterol or sugar sensitivity issues.


Want to address inflammation caused by dietary sources.


Desire weight management.

What is included in this Test?


Phone or email consultation with our staff Physician or Pharmacist, a $75 value!


Targeted test for 27 unique genetic SNP (mutation) targets


Diet Recommendations based on your DNA.


Lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA


Exercise Recommendations based on your DNA


Recommended Nutritional Support for optimal wellness based on your DNA


Learn what foods cause inflammation based on your DNA


Additional Laboratory Test Recommendations


Genetic Information Key

The time to begin is now…

Isn’t it time to begin offering your patients innovative DNA tests to help them embrace the healthy life that has been eluding them?

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