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Free Shipping on all domestic retail purchases of $99 or more

Free Shipping on all domestic retail purchases of $99 or more

Privacy Protection Policy with Encrypted Data to Ensure Your Genetic Privacy

Safe Harbour Wellness is committed to maintaining and preserving your privacy. We do not sell or share your health information with third parties, insurance companies or others that might misuse it.

A patient’s name, birth date and genetic results are encoded by numerical encryption and their nutrigenomics report is only uploaded to our Secure HIPPA Compliant Online Laboratory Results Portal.  This secure portal requires a username and passcode to access and login credentials are only provided to the individual patient or provider that ordered the test.

A patient’s genetic information is never shared with anyone other than those trusted partners and employees who are part of the DNA test processing and analysis.  As with all health care professionals who will order and protect your medical files and results, they are bound by professional standards, including their medical licenses, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a 1996 Federal law that restricts access to individuals’ private medical information (HIPPA).

It is our hope that our Privacy Protection Policy gives you peace of mind, knowing your genetic results are secure and the health insights provided, help you to positively impact your journey towards achieving optimal wellness.

Key Benefits of Direct to Consumer Private Pay for Genetics Testing versus Insurance Pay

“One of the key benefits of Direct to Consumer private pay for laboratory testing versus utilizing insurance, is you are able to maximize your health benefit while minimizing the potential risk of insurance companies utilizing any genetic mutations found, to negatively influence insurability or premium rates.

As Life Insurance, for example, is not covered under the GINA law, which prohibits employers and health insurers from discriminating based on genetics, utilizing insurance pay could place you in an unfavorable position. Without protections (laws) mandating the separation of genetic results from regular medical test results and clinical notes, when medical records are requested, all data is sent and thus can be used for determining coverage rates, participation, insurability, etc. However, this conundrum is easily avoidable by utilizing Direct to Consumer Private Pay for one’s Laboratory Diagnostic Testing, as one of the key benefits of Direct to Consumer Private Pay is the results are not added to a patient’s medical record(s).

Safe Harbour Wellness never sells genetic information to 3rd parties, nor do we submit information to any insurance company since all tests are private pay.”