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Free Shipping on all domestic retail purchases of $99 or more

The Interview

Building relationships with people that I would have never met outside of being in the military.

Although I was a generator mechanic in the Army, never getting deployed oddly enough is what prepared me for my current career. Never getting the opportunity to serve with my brothers and sisters in arms on the battlefield, I had an immense need to help stateside….that need to help and lose myself in the service of others is what I think led me to the nonprofit sector.

My biggest passion and strongest purpose go hand in hand-my soul is pulled into leaving a legacy of service to others and my community.

I live with chronic pain presumably from Lyme disease and chronic Epstein Barr virus. Full spectrum cbd alleviates not only the pain I deal with daily, but the neurological issues I face as well.

I am currently working on eliminating my use of narcotic pain medication-cbd products are instrumental in aiding this process.

Veterans especially can open the lines of communication about how cbd can help with ptsd, chronic pain, and issues suffered thru deployment. Nonprofits can help bring awareness to the cbd industry by showing how successful the products eliminates the need of big pharma.

My son. He LITERALLY changed the course of my entire life, and is my heart in human form.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I believe changing one thing would change a whole course of things, and I truly know that all the mistakes and challenges I’ve endured have led me to exactly where I needed to be.

I don’t know personally what I’d consider unique about myself, so I’ll say two things that my current and past bosses have said about me-my work ethic and my talent for building meaningful relationships. I think those characteristics have allowed me to never have issues looking for work. And I’ve maintained relationships with people of all walks of life whom I know i could call on for anything at anytime.