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Free Shipping on all domestic retail purchases of $99 or more

Free Shipping on all domestic retail purchases of $99 or more


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Today’s current commerce environment presents many challenges for the independent business.  In order to survive, these independents must seek out new and innovative ways to increase their bottom line and hopefully stand out from the titans of industry they are relegated to compete with.

These challenges are even more daunting for the independent healthcare provider, as the insurance reimbursement climate is becoming more burdensome and less profitable year after year.  These declining reimbursements are forcing already overworked and staff challenged healthcare providers to take on additional workloads and increased hours just to keep the doors open.  And here is the rub; they are still expected to deliver the same level of patient care as a practice with 30% less patient visits per day.

Despite this unfortunate truth regarding the modern independent business or healthcare practice, all is not lost.  At Safe Harbour Wellness, we offer hope for the independent provider or wellness business to optimize their ancillary opportunities through pharmaceutical grade hemp products, innovative cash based diagnostic testing and pharmaceutical grade nutritional support products.

Empowering the independent and equipping them for success is a privilege we take to heart and one we hope to be able to share with you.  We believe you will find our Wholesale Wellness Partner Program offers many benefits to position you well for success.


At Safe Harbour Wellness we are proud to offer only NATURAL PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE PRODUCTS without the hassles associated with manufacturing.  We believe in the quality of our products so much, that our employees use them on a daily basis for a variety of reasons.

To be sure that everyone can be a part of the WHOLESALE PROGRAM we have invested a lot of time and effort to allow for the lowest possible and MINIMAL MINIMUM ORDER thresholds of only $500! This is much lower than the industry average.

Our clients love our NATURAL AMERICAN-MADE PRODUCTS, derived from 100% Legal Organic American Hemp for a variety of reasons. We believe in supporting sustainability and growth within the United States of America, and we have worked diligently to ensure that we can offer the best products, made right here in the USA.

Our products have been packaged to cGMP STANDARDS in a FDA registered facility. Throughout the process, we ensure that we can deliver high-quality products that you and your family will be sure to enjoy and love.

THIRD-PARTY LABORATORY TESTED to ensure efficacy, and safety. We understand that to truly offer the best CBD Products on the market, you must test the products independently to be sure that what we sell is not only safe and pure, but also of the utmost quality and inspected for contamination and purity.

Safe Harbour Wellness is committed to offering COMPETITIVE PRICING with generous margin opportunities to help those looking to jump into the CBD market successfully and without the barriers of financial burdens that sometimes come with WHOLESALE purchases.

We are proud to offer a VAST SELECTION of PRODUCT OFFERINGS to better outfit your store or practice. This allows WHOLESALERS to select from a variety of products that will benefit their clients with a wide-ranging product-line and products.

We have developed a world-class Client Services Team and elective training courses to ensure you are POSITIONED WELL FOR SUCCESS. We did this for a host of reasons, but none more important than to allow you to be successful in your quest to deliver high-quality and sustainable products to your customers.

We have developed a superior social-mission to help our partners do good while driving more customers to your business via your participation in our BOG1 PROGRAM. The program was built with making sure to give back to our local communities and the heroes that reside there. We truly believe in doing good, and honoring those who risk their lives, day-in and day-out, so that we can keep our family, friends and neighbors safe from danger. This program provides peace-of-mind, knowing that purchases of qualifying products supports our US Heroes via our BOG1 Program.

Our name is Safe Harbour Wellness for a reason. We are committed to being your “Safe Harbour” in this sea we call “Wellness” and although we wish to spread wellness globally, we have a responsibility to our customers and our clients’ customers, to be very selective regarding the types of businesses we welcome into our Safe Harbour family.  In order to remain in alignment with this key tenant, we prefer for our products to only be offered in establishments that specialize in wellness.  For us, there is no better fit than the professionals each of us already rely on for wellness advice; pharmacistsphysicians, chiropractors, other alternative healthcare providers, veterinarians and a few choice wellness outlets or health food retailers. 

If you are one of these wellness providers,  than we welcome the opportunity for you to partner with us as one of our esteemed Wholesale Wellness Partners.  

Our Diagnostic Testing Options are the perfect marriage of Innovative DNA Testing and Proprietary Interpretation Software.

Our Nutrigenomics tests, are much more than your typical laboratory’s DNA Genomic Test. In fact, our system is the perfect marriage between forward thinking Interpretation Software and Innovative Nutrigenomics Testing. In addition to being the most comprehensive DNA Nutrigenomics test available, the real magic lies within our proprietary SNP Interpretation software.

Our innovative software, takes the guesswork out of the physician’s results interpretation, as it links any identified SNPs to the recommended nutritional support that lends the greatest potential for the most optimal patient outcome. This software provides a detail and a summary, showing highly recommended nutritional support therapeutics, the nutritional or pharmacological support best left to the provider’s discretion, lifestyle recommendations, as well as any suggested additional laboratory testing one should consider.

This saves the provider valuable time that could be better spent on patient care, rather than looking up specific SNPs and the associated supplemental support. Additionally, the concise format of our report provides an easy to understand outline to better ensure alignment between patient and provider, further driving patient compliance based on need, which has the potential to translate into monthly recurring nutritional support purchases.

We are pleased to offer Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Support Products for our Wholesale Wellness Partners to offer within their practice or wellness outlet.  These nutritional support products correlate with the highly recommended therapeutics found within the summery of each of our DNA Nutrigenomics Test Reports.  This positions our partners well for residual monthly purchases from their patients based on the results of their unique genetic makeup.

In today’s evolving healthcare model, physicians and pharmacists are expected to offer a more personalized approach to healthcare and supplementation.  Our cash based diagnostic testing options and pharmaceutical grade nutritional support products, help set the stage for, and ease the transition to, a more personalized approach to wellness.

Offering proper nutritional guidance to your patients is paramount to ensure the greatest potential for improved patient outcomes.  Our DNA Nutrigenomics Tests were created to overcome any roadblocks a professional might encounter when offering nutritional guidance to their patients.

Our proprietary interpretational software takes the guesswork out of elaborate biochemical pathways.  With the proper introduction and adoption of our nutrigenomics test analysis within your practice, providers will be able to provide a demonstrated need for nutritional supplement recommendations based on your patient’s unique genetic makeup.

Our DNA Tests help providers help their patients, as our tests ensure providers have the information they need to recommend with confidence. Each Panel Report provides:

  • SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) results for each patient tested
  • Specific nutritional recommendations needed to overcome the genetic weaknesses identified in their DNA
  • Specific nutritional products and therapeutic suggestions to make it easy for the patient to understand why they should follow your prescribed treatment protocol
  • Lifestyle recommendations a patient should consider
  • Recommended laboratory tests to support the genetic findings and why it is necessary
  • Clinical definitions of each gene and what it means for health, including published articles to support findings

By leveraging the power of innovative science, our nutrigenomics tests provide providers a scientific basis for their nutrition and supplement recommendations while ensuring the provider has the information they need to suggest the correct supplements to their patients, in the correct amounts, based on the patient’s unique genetic makeup.

Additionally, we can also supply providers with compressed formula options to increase patient compliance and cost-effectiveness. When you choose Safe Harbour Wellness for your DNA Nutrigenomics Testing, you can be certain you are supplying your patients with the most targeted, up-to-date, and comprehensive nutritional information available.

This FREE Online Course is reserved exclusively for our Wholesale Partners.  This course presents an overview of our Safe Harbour Wellness offerings; Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Products, DNA Nutrigenomics Tests and Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Support Products.  You will also learn what sets us apart, be introduced to our unique social mission supporting our heroes, as well as be exposed to proven strategies to increase your ROI potential.

Ensuring, maintaining and exceeding compliance standards with state regulatory agencies, is of critical importance to us.  This is why we made the investment decision to create custom website coding within our online shopping cart, to ensure our partners do not accidentally purchase products that their state of residence does not currently authorize for sale.    This custom functionality is not a state mandate, but rather is just another way we strive to show our commitment to being a forward thinking innovative organization.

***We do our best to maintain accurate lists of allowed CBD products by state, but due to the ever-changing nature of the CBD space, Safe Harbour Wellness cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies and resulting purchases.  Any liability rests on the purchaser.***

We proud to be one of the few CBD Brands that are licensed to sell our CBD products in the state of Louisiana.  We hold licenses with:

    • The Louisiana Department of Health
    • The Louisiana Alcohol Control Board

In fact, we are proud to have been issued the second permit ever issued in the state by the Louisiana Department of health.

For those partners that own businesses in Louisiana, you can rest assured knowing that when you align with us, you are remaining compliant with your state regulatory agencies.





Affiliate Account: You will automatically have an affiliate account created when placing wholesale orders. This will allow you to benefit form our Client Referral Program as well as place smaller orders and direct people to your website if/when/as needed. We handle all the payments, shipping, and delivery for your website referrals.

Delivery Times: Orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days of receipt, Monday through Thursday.  Depending on shipping address, delivery times are typically 1-3 days from ship date.  Please keep in mind orders only ship after payment has been received and processed.

Local State Laws: – Please be sure to check with your local state laws and have appropriate business licenses to carry our products. Safe Harbour Wellness will not be responsible or able to give you legal counsel on your local market due to legal restrictions.

Marketing Materials: We are pleased to provide our Wholesale Clients with expertly designed and engaging marketing materials.  These are available for order FREE of charge within your private online wholesale shop.  We also allow for customization of some of our materials to better suit your marketing needs.  It is our aim to help position you for success.

Minimum Advertised Price: Protecting the value of our products for our current and future wellness partners, is a privilege we take seriously.  This is why we created a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy to help ensure our wellness partners’ investment is protected.  Our MAP Policy can be found in downloadable format within this website.